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bicicleta [Aug. 9th, 2006|10:34 pm]
[Current Location |Home]
[mood |lazylazy]
[music |The Progress - "Nightlife: Tornado Alley"]

I may be getting a new bike this weekend.

That'd be the jimmy jam.

I need bike buddies.
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Fine tunings [Aug. 7th, 2006|12:18 am]
[Current Location |Home]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Jason Brown - "DAEFAE Concept #1"]

I discovered a new tuning today, called DAEFAE. It's really amazing and beautiful, rich, bold low end, with a lofty high end. It has the capability to be a bit more dramatic than DADGAD, which is my signature tuning. Although DADGAD is still my favorite tuning, and by far my most versatile, DAEFAE is wonderful. I'm already working on a piece for "The End of the World" with it. Should be good.
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New Pat stuff [Aug. 5th, 2006|05:26 pm]
[Current Location |Home]
[mood |goodgood]
[music |Copeland - "Love is Fast Song"]

Man what a series of developments.

Early September spells the release of the long awaited Pat Metheny Group "The Way Up Live" DVD. I've been waiting on that for a long time. In addition, Pat recently teamed up with pianist Brad Mehldau and they did and album, also due in September.

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A day off [Aug. 5th, 2006|10:49 am]
[Current Location |Home]
[mood |awake]
[music |Pat Metheny Group - "The Way Up, Part 1"]

This is my first day off in some time. Yesterday after work, I picked up travis and we headed down to Panera and got some dinner, then went to CD Warehouse to talk to Billy and Logan. Fun times. Then, onward to Guitar Center, where I played some Breedloves. They're incredible! They have the feel and relative brightness of Taylors, but with a little more low end. Amazing.

As soon as I got home, Matt called me and then picked me up. He, Ricky, and I went out to the Phoenix in Ellicott City to meet our friend Allan. We all got drunk there. Then Allan decided we should go to Night Shift, lol. So we did. Strip clubs are ridiculous.

Jog time now.
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Sore [Aug. 3rd, 2006|11:13 pm]
[Current Location |Home]
[mood |soresore]
[music |The Six Parts Seven - "We Can Just Make Out"]

I'm so sore.

Working out is hard work. I knew that I need to do something, I need to get in shape. I want to, and I have nothing standing in my way.

I jogged/walked/jogged/walked for four miles yesterday, non-stop (that won't sound like alot to fitness buffs like Cassi and Alex [my jealousy seethes!] but for me starting out it is). My legs are killing me. Skipped today because I worked 12 hours. Will go back and trudge the four miles again tomorrow. Diet is going well, actually really enjoy the foods I've picked out.

I think I'm actually doing it this time.

And as of today officially, The Six Parts Seven is my current favorite band.

It just occured to me how long it's been since I made out with someone. Damn you, introspective ethereal Midwestern post-rock.
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And the award goes to... [Aug. 3rd, 2006|04:34 pm]
[Current Location |CD Warehouse, Laurel]
[mood |sillysilly]
[music |Peeping Tom - "Get Away"]

I just got the Rippingtons latest effort, "20th Anniversary". It has some decent tracks on it, but the days of "Weekend in Monaco" are gone. The real reason I got the album is because it came with a bonus DVD of videos and a career retrospective with Russ Freeman.

I pop it in after jogging, I'm so exhausted and I just wanted to chill. I see the menu and decide to click on the feature entitled "Tourist in Paradise". It was the best decision I've ever made.

The video is of the Ripps on a sailing yacht with a cliche' 80's babe in skimpy swimwear. They're adorned in jeans and Hawaiian shirts, playing toy instruments on the boat, then cutscenes of them playing live action (in Miami Vice style suits) on the beach. Russ had the most amazing permullet ever. Most significant was the (horrendously) rendered animated "Jazz Cat" that was riding on the boat and, get this, riding an acoustic guitar like a fucking surfboard. A somewhat example of this is the cover of the album, where the inspiration to be some lame came from:

Best fucking thing I've ever seen in my life.
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I <3 ALDI [Aug. 2nd, 2006|05:01 pm]
[Current Location |Home]
[mood |surprisedsurprised]
[music |Candiria - "Intrusive Statements"]

I just wanted to profess my newfound love for Aldi Food Stores.

I'm a musician and a college kid, which means I'm double broke. I needed food, and I decided to hit up Aldi, because it's close to my house.

I bought:

1 Box Strawberry Granola Bars
1 Loaf Whole Wheat Bread
1 Package Sliced Turkey
1 Package Skim Swiss Cheese
3 Tomatoes
2 Bags Garden Salad mix
1 Package of artificial crab meat (mmmm)

That came to ten bucks.
I love cheap food.
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All four lanes [Aug. 2nd, 2006|10:20 am]
[Current Location |CD Warehouse, Laurel]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Pat Metheny Group - "Follow Me"]

I was coming down 95-S to work this morning, and I noticed that the suspended LED message board said "ACCIDENT EXIT 49(?) RT 100 ALL LANES BLOCKED SEEK ALTERNATE ROUTES". Needless to say at 9 in the morning after having indulged in some alcohol the night before, "seeking alternate routes" was beyond my capabilities or interests. So, of course, I get to within about three miles of the 100 junction and bam. wall of cars. F-uck. I manage to slip through an "Emergency Vehicles Only" cut-thru, speed up to 195, hit Route 1, left on 175, back on 95 south, and it was a desolate strip of highway for a good mile. I loved it. I was only nine minutes late, and that doesn't really affect my start-up because I'm so swift and efficient as it is.

Last night was interesting. After a nice evening working with Megan, Dustin calls and asks if I want to come down to the house; apparenly parents and siblings are out of town, and with a rambunctious group of 18 year olds, that means drinking. So I roll up, walk inside, and start. In attendance was Hook's Right Hand, the Sweeneys, and some chicks I'd never seen (or if I had I just forgot, all the girls they know look the same to me...eh). Grayson and I played some guitar, he showed me his classical chops, very nice. I pulled off some of my fingerstyle, which for some reason seemed to have everyone mesmerized. I did an fingerstyle rendition of a Fall Out Boy song for the girl sitting next to me, then proceeded to play acoustic guitar for about an hour and a half while the others ran rampant throughout the house and backyard, trying to hook up with one of the two girls. Do the math. 6 guys, 2 girls...and well, me, but I don't get mixed up in the hormonal affairs down there. Well the girls split, two more girls came over, Grayson, Kevin, and I split for some more alcohol. On the way I swung by Stephanie (and Payton's) house to see if she was home; she was, but it was late and I didn't want to bother her.

Upon returning, Dustin throws up/passes out on the trampoline, and the Sweeney brothers bicker. Trevor is nowhere to be found, and the girls look wholly disenchanted. I try to coax Dustin off the trampoline unsuccessfully, the girls leave, we finally get Dustin inside, where he pukes again and collapses on the couch. Austin and Grayson fight about money, and I decide to bail.

Now I'm here at work, and I'm tired. As fuck.
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Wow, this one was right! [Aug. 1st, 2006|04:35 pm]
[Current Location |CD Warehouse, Laurel]
[mood |calmcalm]
[music |Erykah Badu - "Mama's Gun (CD)"]

You Have Low Self Esteem 72% of the Time

You tend to blame yourself when things go wrong, regardless of whether it's your fault or not.
You're anxious to please others and rely too much on their opinions. Learn to please yourself first, and your confidence will soar.

Pretty accurate.
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Work [Aug. 1st, 2006|11:14 am]
[Current Location |Home]
[mood |boredbored]
[music |Six Parts Seven - "A Blueprint of Something Never Finished"]

Today I officially started work on my next CD, which I hope to get into a damn studio to record.

The CD is called "The End of the World", and unlike the first two demo cds, this won't be a concept record. The mood of the CD, like much of my other work, will be predominantly mellow, cool, and in some cases dark. I do plan on writing lyrics for some songs, so it will be a half-fingerstyle-non-vocal, half-fingerstyle-with-vocals disc.

That's the tentative cover.

I've been down with a cold ever since I returned home from vacation at the ocean, so singing isn't really an option right now, but as soon as I recover I'll also start work on the Fear of Bears folk project. I expect that to be a 7-9 track album, all done in standard tuning (unless Ben steps in and suggests something better [better than EEEEEb#]).

Travis is getting wisdom teeth cut out this week, so that's likely to render him unavailable to do anything for a few days.

I have to work at 1 today, and spend 4 1/2 hours with my boss, which I'm not really looking forward to.

Whatever, I guess.
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